Holly Blue Agate
Holly Blue Agate 46 daqiqa oldin
Imagen if marina got squidnapped
Gladion 64
Gladion 64 47 daqiqa oldin
This looks insane holy moly how is this possible
the cool guy477
the cool guy477 50 daqiqa oldin
Waiting for Rayman 4 be like
FM jairz
FM jairz 59 daqiqa oldin
I'm super surprised and excited... Woohoo! 😭😍😃😫
madmarco Soat oldin
Fortnite on switch are bad... im tired of play in this way, and the fortnite switch trailer looks soo much better than the real port
NatPex Soat oldin
1 year anniversary for the trailer!
Doggo Soat oldin
Yoooo the music bumping bois 🕺🕺
Teo Troev
Teo Troev Soat oldin
Hello again traveler, I see you have returned. We both know it's not your first nor it's going to be the last time you'll come back. Just be patient young one!
Юрий Филимонов
Юрий Филимонов Soat oldin
Thank you, but no. We don't need a political tolerance agenda here, we just want to play
Юрий Филимонов
Юрий Филимонов Soat oldin
So sell Nintendo to her and her fans
Юрий Филимонов
Юрий Филимонов Soat oldin
So sell Nintendo to her and her fans. And we'll probably refuse such an offer
Sh. Fred
Sh. Fred Soat oldin
You gotta bring back Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed to Switch.
Lalo Montoya Jr.
Lalo Montoya Jr. Soat oldin
Nintendo why don't you make a Legend of Zelda fighting game? Like in the Street Fighter format. That would be awesome!
LyricRhapsody Soat oldin
Extremely dissatisfied with the game on switch. Feels like a deception that you literally can’t return thanks to Nintendo’s online store policy.
Wojtek Hakerski
Wojtek Hakerski Soat oldin
super mario 3d world game style are very beautiful!
Nate EatsCake
Nate EatsCake Soat oldin
At least 20% of viewers that have watched the trailer do not own the switch (or at least yet) like I personally do not have one but my sister does (I never use it tho). 30% who own the switch didn’t watch the trailer (whether it was gifted, handed to (not counting second handed or used) or just a blind purchase). I’m sure about 70% of people that own the switch (and switch lite) have watched both trailers. I’m the 20% who watched the trailer back in 2017 but still yet to purchase one. At one point, I was waiting until a price drop but since the lite, there likely won’t be a price drop for them anytime soon. Not until they come out with something entirely new. So, I’m at the resort where I’ll probably just slowly save up for the switch lite and Super Mario 3D World for the switch which comes out Spring 2021 so hopefully I can purchase one Summer 2021 (possibly Spring)
Mayah Danielle
Mayah Danielle Soat oldin
My favorite game EVER
Leonardo Gutierrez
Leonardo Gutierrez Soat oldin
ey nintendo por que en Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mitites a los de los personajes de Among us
Holy Carp
Holy Carp Soat oldin
pikachugammer god
pikachugammer god Soat oldin
Seriously nintendo you've made your last update wow 😒😒😒 why not make mario maker 3 at 2025 I mean its enough time to make one
Jack Harmis
Jack Harmis Soat oldin
Only 10 more weeks and I can finally play this game on Switch!
Jacqueline Harby
Jacqueline Harby Soat oldin
I love animal crossing new horizons!!!!!!!
Jacqueline Harby
Jacqueline Harby Soat oldin
Do you?
PAWS ROCKS Soat oldin
I think Ryan kanji has said this
Krystoff Aquino
Krystoff Aquino Soat oldin
Does rocket league have split screen?
The Almighty God-Emperor BurntChicken
The Almighty God-Emperor BurntChicken Soat oldin
Imagine what they will have at 40th anniversary with Switch 2, 45th with GamePyramid, and 50th with the Nintendo Phone
white fatalis
white fatalis 2 soat oldin
The game run on 4.5watt hardware with native 720p disable dynamic res mod, hahah nice
Onion Bot
Onion Bot 2 soat oldin
think about that, nintendo. you made me care about HYRULE WARRIORS.
Daniel 2 soat oldin
The Trailer of fortnite 2 lookin‘ sick ngl 😳
Liam Jean-Pierre
Liam Jean-Pierre 2 soat oldin
Psycho Mantis?!
A Bottle of sprite
A Bottle of sprite 2 soat oldin
How are you gonna make us wait this long for the game to come out and then at the last minute say youre not gonna release a physical copy? Thats really messed up.
Patty Narwhal
Patty Narwhal 2 soat oldin
If they made a remake of the older games with this style it would be so fitting (Majoras mask and Ocorana of time) but clearly not the hero of the wild I would be so excited lmao
DivanteScrollsYouTube #BlackLivesMatter
DivanteScrollsYouTube #BlackLivesMatter 2 soat oldin
Still Nintendo's best trailer. This got me hyped up so much.
Patty Narwhal
Patty Narwhal 2 soat oldin
My little sister's grandchild will come to me on my deathbed and say "Patty, I think this boss fight is too hard" imma use my last bit of strength to beat it and die happy
N N 2 soat oldin
"Mom can we have doom eternal on the switch?" Mom: "we've got doom eternal on the switch at home." The Doom eternal switch game at home:
Aykut ve Batlıcan
Aykut ve Batlıcan 2 soat oldin
We are old, I play this game on wii U...
GoldenWisher 2 soat oldin
**Thor Joins the Chat**
Hoover 77
Hoover 77 2 soat oldin
you WILL
Weirdfisher 2 soat oldin
Mother 2? Nintendo: N O.
NOOBThro 2 soat oldin
Next Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guests will be.....
Mitch Black
Mitch Black 2 soat oldin
why is this not on music services??
Spintechfilms 2 soat oldin
How much is it going to cost?
JackoMimix 2 soat oldin
armando pasillas
armando pasillas 3 soat oldin
I think that the loop is in place because most of the battle Royale skins have some sort of power. And the real world is scared they will wreak havoc but now they will be peeved off that their entire life is a lie and go rouge.
Clown World
Clown World 3 soat oldin
Salty Jonesy has a voice actor.....
Lord Maquiavelo
Lord Maquiavelo 3 soat oldin
NoSanitii 3 soat oldin
Every where I go with the switch, it feels exactly like what the commercial intended. That’s how good the switch is!
Nate EatsCake
Nate EatsCake Soat oldin
I smell a lie. I used to lie like this when I was a kid. Back when I had the 3DS, it was not like the commercials
El Realista
El Realista 3 soat oldin
I'll just say this ... fornite is not my favorite game but i prefer fornite over minecraft I dont like minecraft.
Justin Regalado
Justin Regalado 3 soat oldin
Whole else beat doom on hurt me plenty
Budoor saif
Budoor saif 3 soat oldin
I'm early on (12 hours ago)!!!!
Bart 3 soat oldin
We need a remastered for the switch
Tiger T
Tiger T 3 soat oldin
Please stop
DiamondFrozenKnight !
DiamondFrozenKnight ! 3 soat oldin
I got a idea a game mod splatoon royal like they be 100 players and they have to get weapons to win and shoot humans ou ids once they shoot like battle royals games
The Smoove Fox
The Smoove Fox 3 soat oldin
How is this not getting GOTY
Yobi Yopi
Yobi Yopi 3 soat oldin
Happy 3 years anniversary!
tik_tak_taco 13
tik_tak_taco 13 3 soat oldin
Can we PLEASE get and update
TechNerd22 3 soat oldin
0:23 may actually be a tribute to the original Animal Crossing, if you go to 1:07 on the original games theme, it kinda sounds similar, doesn't it? This may just be a coincidence though.
ONUR PLC 3 soat oldin
megaaziib 3 soat oldin
Where is the game?
megaaziib 3 soat oldin
atqa wardhana
atqa wardhana 3 soat oldin
Put capoo cat in smash and make a capoo cat game please Just please put capoo cat in smash and make a capoo cat game
Felix 3 soat oldin
When this gets recommended and you think that bayonetta 3 is here
Cool gamer JAW
Cool gamer JAW 3 soat oldin
It looks like it’s getting better
Cristian Alvarado
Cristian Alvarado 3 soat oldin
What if you can’t afford to treat yourself with a switch
TL -nekofuc
TL -nekofuc 3 soat oldin
Why didn't she drift
Chris Xu
Chris Xu 3 soat oldin
Does anyone know if the japanese voice is available on US version or not?
SUPER GAMER XD a.k.a Zabuza
SUPER GAMER XD a.k.a Zabuza 3 soat oldin
Super Mario Odyssey was indeed a very fun game
SUPER GAMER XD a.k.a Zabuza
SUPER GAMER XD a.k.a Zabuza 3 soat oldin
The game was very fun